Villa/apartment building Raciste

Villa Racisce

At the outbound of the village Racisce lays a beautiful villa at the sea with a private marina and a small private beach also a garage for 6 cars belongs to the property.

This 800 m2 villa was build in 1996 and recently renovated. The interior of the villa still needs to be realised at the clients wishes. The building has 5 floors and can also be perfectly used as an apartment building or a hotel. Under the new building regulations that are in force in Croatia is it impossible to build objects that close to the sea anymore.
The object has all permissions, legal and financial due diligence available.

For this unique objects are details and prices on request only.

Racisce is a village nested around deep bay that is carved on the Northern cost of Korcula Island facing Peljesac Peninsula. It is located about 12 kilometers from Korcula Old Town and is connected with Korcula by narrow asphalted road that runs from Korcula Town through the bays of Medvinjak, Vrbovica, Tri Zala and Kneze until it reaches it's final destination - Racisce.

Racisce is one of the youngest settlements on the Island. The bay was completely uninhabited before becoming the safe haven for refugees from Makarska and neighboring Herzegovina in 17th century. There are lot of old, typical Dalmatian houses around the bay as well as couple of old churches. The oldest church is church of Sveti Vlaho with it's Baroque loggia from 1682. Other, newer church is Sveti Nikola which serves as parish church too.

Racisce (Korcula)

Racisce is well known in Croatia for it's capable sailors and fishermen. Sailing and fishing was for long centuries the main profession of it's inhabitants. In late 19th century and beginning of 20th century, Racisce used to have about 40 wooden schooners with huge and gorgeous masts and sails, locally called "trabakula". Bearing in mind that Racisce has only about 500 inhabitants, the fleet of 40 large boats was indeed something to be proud of... These schooners would sail around Adriatic as well as Mediterranean, but later they got rid of them :-( and they bought modern ships by which they carry on sailing around the world. The only thing is that, large and long breakwater as well as stone quay that was built in Racisce to protect it's wooden schooners, couldn't do that any more for new and gigantic ships that sailors from Racisce sail on now days, so now it harbours tiny little fishing and sailing boats only.

As Croatia recently becomes more popular as a travel destination, Racisce has developed as a tourist place too. It has it's own small hotel called "Mediteran" as well as a lot of privately owned apartments and rooms available for holiday rent. Terrace in front of hotel Mediteran is popular meeting place for local cafe society where one can sit and enjoy the cold drink watching world slowly passing by. In the other corner of the bay, there is traditional 'buche' playground - the place where local people play bawling game, a typical Mediterranean pass time (la boule).

In the near vicinity of the village, there are couple of bays ( bay Vaja and bay Samograd ) that are on walking distance from Racisce, and are great places to swim and enjoy peace and sunshine.

• Beach Vaja is a small beach with white pebbles and azure sea water. It is a picturesque and romantic place, isolated and rarely visited. It is located about 1km north of Racisce. One can reach it by tarmac road that leads from the far end of the Racisce harbour. Walking up the hill and taking the path down the cliff to the beach is the way to come to this beauty spot, where in hot summer day one can find a shade from a couple of trees branched around old Dalmatian house.

As Racisce is located beneath of the high hill, it is a great place to enjoy walking, mountain biking and exploring surrounding area in your own pace. There are lot of small and unmade roads and paths that can take you on unusual and secluded spots like vineyards and olive groves, from some of which there are very nice views on Peljesac mountain and Peljesac chanel.

There is a daily bus service from Racisce to Korcula that runs about 6 times a day.