Stabifix 4

The Stabifix4 is the latest installment in the row stabilizer couplings Engineering Sanders. Why you need a Stabifix 4
  • Effective damping of sway or springs
  • Completely and re-adjusted
  • Replacing expensive friction blocks unnecessary
  • Built-approved security
  • Easy to connect and disconnect with simple single lever mixer
  • Not suffer from a contaminated or painted ball and insensitive to possible presence of fat and / or rust
  • Better fit around the bullet unique slide / clamp system
  • Greater braking power thanks to a better functioning of the ABS (diving from the towing vehicle is prevented)
  • Squatting not need lubrication limits allowed
  • No problems when opening the tailgate or limited space between the bumper and ball
  • Unique matching accessories
  • Improved version of the Winter Hoff WS 3000 (based on the original patent of the first Stabifix)5 years or 100,000 km warranty