South Dalmatia

SIIEG invested in the real estate marked in Croatia for more than two decades. Especially the south part of Croatia the target point of interest, We believe that this area has the highest potential.

South Dalmatia Real Estate

One can head to Korcula prepared or unprepared. If you opt for the former, then already in advance it is as though you have soaked in the descriptions or traditions and the landscapes, so when you get there everything seems familiar and somehow sweet. Should you come unprepared, the beauty of Korcula's nature and the manmade buildings will make you want to learn a lot more about the island. The reason lies in the natural charms and the collective spirit sensed amond the people. fraternities and companies, numerous curtural and athlatic associations have marked the harmonious socialising of the island's people, and they have bred many ventures that have graced and marked the life of the island in its entirety. Thus, a visit to Korcula cannot be limited to sightseeing, natural beauty and culture, it has to include the experience of the authentic sword dances - Moreska and Kumpanija - while the Holy Week processions fascinate and attract more and more visitors each year who wish to join these kinds of preparations for the Easter celebration. lt is interesting how Central European cities shine in Advent and Christmas time and organise colourful fairs, which makes a nice balance with the Dalmatian islands and their dedicated focus on the Easter ceremonies in numerous and long processions. Perhaps that is why visiting Korcula migh be the most beautiful in springtime. Even though the ferry ride from Orebic is quite short, casting off from the shore and heading towards an adventure that is limited to an island is always a solemn event. The ride reveals a view of as many as fifty other small islands around Korcula. Since 61 pecent of the island's surface consists of forests and shrubs, Korcula is considered one of the most forested islands in the Adriatic. Aleppo pine, cypress and European black pine are the most common conifer species, there are many dense forests of holy oak, carob, olive and laurel trees, and there are frequent  sudden burst of smells from the many species of wild aromatic and medical plants. The dense forests were exactly the reason why  Greek immigrants named the island Korkyra Melaina (Black Korcula). The first traces of mankind date back to the Neolithic period (Vela Spilja / Big Cave).