LABB Group

The company LABB Group, located in Sid (Srem district, Vojvodina), manufactures plastic packaging on territory of 1, 8 ha. We currently employ 30 people, with a tendency to create new jobs, in order to meet the needs of our customers and users.

Plastic packaging – crates are products that make fruit and vegetables available to consumers. Therefore, we are one hundred percent committed to improving this form of transportation and storage and we are focused on innovation and effectiveness. We examine the needs of various parties in the trade of food products, as well as the transportation process and chemical processes occurring in food in its contact with certain materials and transport time interval.

The main activities of the company include:
1. production of different types of plastic crates for fruit and vegetables,
2. rental of high-quality plastic crates with ID chips for fruit and vegetables


Following the model of manufacturers in Western countries, we have started production of different types of disposable plastic crates for fruit and vegetables, in order to provide our farmers with quality packaging for fruit and vegetables.

Non-returnable crates are being transported wrapped with stretch foil, in the form of “vocarka” (100×120 cm) and “Euro pallet” (80×120 cm).


Following the global trends that go towards improving the efficiency of agricultural producers by reducing the cost of packaging, we’ve launched the production and rental of high-quality plastic crates with ID chips for fruit and vegetables.

We offer the complete service – we deliver crates to the user, take them back after use, clean, disinfect and make them ready for new use. In case of damage to crates, user does not bear the cost, if he returns them to us – we recycle them. RFID technology facilitates logistics and tracking crates and allows our clients to use this modern technology if they want.  RFID technology allows monitoring of product traceability, thus creating preconditions for implementation of European standards.

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